Mission Statement

Logo of Cornucopia Association of Canada

Cornucopia Association of Canada is a chartered Not-for- Profit Organization founded in
1980. It is registered with both the Federal and Provincial Governments. However, we
do not receive any financial assistance from either Government. In August 2017, the
Association was recognized by the Borough of LaSalle.
The purpose of the Association is outlined in our By-Laws which include organizing,
promoting and encouraging the importance of education, economic, social, recreational
and cultural activities in the Montreal Community. Membership is open to anyone who
is willing to volunteer, to accept the Association's objectives and share our aims
regardless of ethnic origin, gender, religion or race.
Board Meeting are held every second Tuesday of each month at UNIA Hall, 2741 Notre
Dame Street West, Montreal, QC. One annual meeting and election is also held, and
this under the direction of our President and Past President.