Scholarship Recipients


2016 Awardee

Receiving this scholarship means a great deal to me. It has helped allow me to attend Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. In September, I began my second year of undergraduate studies majoring in Sociology and minoring in Gender Studies. After getting my Bachelor’s degree I hope to get my Master’s in Social Work. I take pride in trying to help others better their lives and hope to embark on a career path that allows me to do so. Again, I would like to thank the members of Cornucopia Association for this opportunity.






2016 Awardee

I presently attend Dawson College in the Social Service, three year program. I’m a dedicated, hardworking student and I put all my energy and time into my work. Ièm the type that likes to  face challenges head on. Ièm also an active participant in my church. Presently, my mind is set on completing college, moving onto University, and getting my license. I plan on accomplishing my short term goals by studying very hard, reaching out for help when needed, praying, all with the support and motivation from my family and close friends. My long term goal is to become a dedicated social worker in youth protection and putting in effort to excel mentally, socially, and spiritually so that I am able to be successful in anything I set my mind to. I am truly grateful to be chosen as a recipient and I thank the Cornucopia Association of Canada dearly for this great opportunity.





2015 Awardee

Being a recipient of the Cornucopia Association of Canada scholarship has been a tremendous blessing. It contributed to my studies financially and also reinforced in me the belief that I can do anything I set my mind to. The scholarship allowed me to invest more time in my studies and a little less time working. Thank you Cornucopia for having faith in my abilities and seeing my potential. I will do my utmost to make you proud.







2015 Awardee

The Cornucopia Scholarship has been a tremendous encouragement and motivation to me. It has shown me that hard work does pays off. It has helped me to realized the value of excelling in everything I do whether in school or outside of school.. Furthermore, it has shown me that once I do my best, there are genuine people who care about your success, such as the members and partners of the Cornucopia Association, who will invest in you and will do their best to make your path to success easier. As a scholarship recipient, I am truly grateful and am motivated to climb to higher heights. You can too!






2015 Awardee

Receiving a scholarship and bursary fund from the Cornucopia Association of Canada has given me the opportunity to take full advantage of my schooling. I was able to take advantage of all the resources Concordia had to offer which allowed me to excel at my studies. I have always valued and prioritize my education and Cornucopia has aided me in achieving that higher level of education I so desperately seek. I have also gotten the opportunity to get to know some of the members of Cornucopia in which I have learned that they tirelessly seek to aid young adolescents reach their goals and dreams because to them, education and opportunities are the keys to success in life.